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NameKN920 multi band HF radio   PriceUSD $364.5 List14853

Product Description: This section KN920 shortwave radio developed specifically for amateur radio enthusiasts, as advanced user-friendly design, low price, and very easy to learn to use, so the majority of fans praised by the industry. This paragraph multiband shortwave radio can send and receive a variety of operating modes, the internal circuit using high-speed memory chip operation frequency control tuning. Intuitive LCD display parameters, users can easily and quickly manually entered, stored frequency, switching mode operation. With handles on both sides of the fuselage panel, is also very suitable when moving field QSO radio. Rear fuselage with a cooling fan, cooling launch support equipment running.


Receiving frequency range:
30 KHz -29.999999 MHz
Transmitting frequency range:
3.500-3.9999 MHz
7.000-7.300 MHz
10.100-10.150 MHz
14.000-14.350 MHz
18.068-18.168 MHz
21.000-21.450 MHz
24.890-24.990 MHz
28.000-29.700 MHz

Operating mode: SSB, CW, FM, AM (AM reception only used).
Memory channels: 100
Transmit power :1-10W continuously adjustable (internally adjustable power limit, the

maximum can be set to 20W)

LCD screen displays: Frequency; power; operating mode; reception field strength meter;

emission parameters such as VSWR
Power Supply: Receiver: 13.8v/0.7A; launch: 13.8v/4A
Antenna Interface: M Mother

Size: 230X230X90mm

Packed weight: 3.5KG

Transmitting unit circuit structure:
SSB / CW 2-conversion superheterodyne
FM of 3-conversion superheterodyne
Spurious emission suppression: better than 40dB
Carrier suppression: better than 40dB

Receiving unit circuit structure:
SSB / CW / AM superheterodyne conversion was 2 times
FM of 3-conversion superheterodyne
SSB / CW / AM an intermediate frequency: 45MHz; two IF: 12MHz, three IF: 455KHz for FM
SSB / CW: 0.2uV/10db; AM: 1uV/10db
FM: 0.2uV
Optional: Standard SSB mode 2.4khz/6db; 3.6khz/40db; AM mode 6KHz; CW bandpass 200 ~ 1200Hz

continuously adjustable
Mirror interference suppression:-70db



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